Natural Dyeing

 Each of the Peoli products is dyed using natural colors, dyes or colorants derived from natural sources. Natural dyeing involves the collection of material, extraction of dyestuff, mordanting, dyeing and repeated washing procedures, which are labor intensive but cause no harm to the environment. Natural substances are soothing materials for the makers as well as the users of the product.
The elusive dyes and their sources produce a different hue each time based on the variation in the hand spun fiber as well as the temperature and humidity conditions. For instance, the shades of charcoals range from warmer greys, with rusted iron filings fermented in molasses to cooler ones derived from energy efficient/ cold dyeing techniques using Brazilwood and Rhododendron flowers.The variations produced in the color due to the various processes give rise to a new hue...a unique piece every time – that is the magic of natural dyeing.