At Peoli, we believe that the critical need of the hour is to get people engaged in a sustainable lifestyle for a cleaner and better world.We aim to promote this mindful conscious lifestyle through our work where
fashion meets conscience.



Revival and sustenance of Craft - (High quality product)

- With an aim to create high quality hand made products utilizing local skill we engage with local ar tisans, refine their skill and make efforts to elevate the status of craft of the region to help women earn a dignified living from their existing skills


Mindfulness about nature (nature-friendly processes):

- In all the processes we follow, we wish to be mindful and make efficient use of the natural resources during every step of our production chain.


Women empowerment (social impact):

-Through our efforts we aim to provide an opportunity for sustainable livelihoods while improving the quality of life of our women artisans, giving them a year-round employment and creating a positive work environment where their skills can flourish.